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20 January 2019

Honor Among Thieves - Bearing M+A Infiltrated

The concept that criminals do not compromise the activities of other criminals, 'Honor Among Thieves' considered an underground Law with a strict Code never to be fooled, broken or dared to violate, now appears infiltrated & manipulated by cyber Artificial Intelligence (Ai) allowing offenders to escape an honor punishment

Although Cyber crime Ai activity is widely accepted by simple inscription, players violate certain Codes with impunity, particularly within Bearing Manufacturers who escape every type of theft honor and that of legislated Criminal Law

For example: Bearing Corporations wanting to acquire (M+A) another Bearing Group using language 'Artificial Intelligence (Ai)', makes an Offer/Price with a Malaysian Airlines Logo, Fare Special Offer and Coding to disguise their identity known only to the 'Seller' making the 'Buyers' intended acquisition legally superficial and competitor unawareness

Brilliant says the 'Buyer', however, leaving the 'Seller' completely vulnerable, without legal protection, and at the mercy of the 'Buyer' to chop & change figures, manipulate rules or even cancellation after months of M+A preparatory work at a moments notice, running away with the 'Sellers' IP and Corporate secrets.

Below illustration is offer price 3,330, can be changed to reach agreement more likely to be manipulated by the 'Buyer'

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