New Members Preview



Compliance requirements recommend guidelines to apply and identify in every Industry. Below are subjects for the Bearing industry to be aware and detailed information will be available to certified Members'

* Your Brand Report
Allows members free reporting on Bearing businesses, limited access to China.

* Country of Origin.
Provides the necessary legal conditions

* Material Specifications.
The importance to engineered Bearing Standards requirements

* Counterfeiter.
Identifies those businesses involved and how prevention can be achieved

* Faker.
Lists the businesses who Fake conditions eg. Counterfeiting for marketing gain

* Piracy Policy.
Detailed listing to prevent violation to Intellectual Property, How to avoid & catch

* Certification.
The importance to Compliance for Consumers

* Manufacturer.
Dedicated to all Bearing & Component Manufacturers

* Distributor.
Dedicated to the Distributor and End-User

* Legal Convictions
Listing of serious convicted violations by Bearing Corporations

Full Memebership and Compliance details please contact: